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Feb 9: 366-36 Jaded Reality #13

I’ve been a regular visitor to Deviant Art for a few years now, but haven’t really dove in deep until recently.  There is a lot of talent there, and inspiration abounds.  Each artist is amazing in his/her own right.  I make a point to read all TOU (terms of use) as some of the creative minds allow full spectrum at no charge, others are particular about private vs commercial use and still others require a small fee for commercial usage.  I appreciate each and every one, and honor their individual terms.  And when I can, I send a small (monetary) thank you to the ones that don’t require it – a donation here and there honoring the generosity of terms is very appreciated by anyone who puts themselves out there artistically.

Today’s texture is from an artist at Deviant Art:  Jaded Reality (aka Ashley) with an additional overlay of my personal favorite, The Wall (January 1, 2012).  I used Ashley’s Texture #13 as an overlay at 40% opacity (and used my new resizing/centering tricks learned earlier this week) and my The Wall texture at 100% opacity as a texture overlay, lightening the level to +80.  Of course, a layer mask, painting with black, was used to keep the texture from hiding the beautiful cat model, Beth (remember, if any of these steps don’t make sense to you, go back to January 1, 2012 and start reading thru the posts  – each one builds a little more on steps learned in previous posts.  This is a year of learning our Textures and all the ways to use them).  The double layers, the lowered opacity and the lighter top texture layer add to richness of the photo for me.  In spite of ALL the textures going on in the image itself, I don’t feel this overpowers the final product.  What do you think?

Please do post links to projects where you have used this texture and tell us how you tweaked it to fit your needs.  Feedback is welcomed – leave comments and questions and I’ll see if I can come up with some answers! All of my textures are available for personal or commercial use – check licensing for textures of other artists featured here. They are NOT allowed to be resold or to be claimed as your own.  Just click through for the larger size file, right-click that one and save the texture to your own computer.  My sample uses of the texture are not available for any use.

Now – if you’ve gone wild with a texture and just LOVE it … a small donation showing that love sure would be appreciated (but is not mandatory).   Just go to PayPal.com and send your donation to DogBreedz (at) yahoo.com.

Happy Texturing!

Peggy at DogBreedz.net and the DogBreedz Blog

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