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Feb 4: 366-32 How Deep is Your Love

Welcome back!  Yesterday I introduced you to pet photographer Melissa McCabe who in turn had turned us on to some nifty texture resources.  For today I visited SmokoStock at Deviant Art and found some wonderful textures  (broken record reminder:  read his terms of use and abide by them, please – honoring an artists requests for what is free and what should be paid for ensures that many will continue to be so very generous with their free usages)!  You can find all of SmokoStock’s textures here:  http://smoko-stock.deviantart.com/gallery/ .  My eyes were immediately drawn to his “How Deep Is Your Love” texture.  The colors, the texture, all of it!  Since my own fur-kids have musical names, I decided to make a poster celebrating my baby boy Bennett, playing with all that we’ve learned so far on this blog in 2012.

I hope you’ll share what you come up with!  Please do post links to projects where YOU have used a SmokoStock texture and tell us how you tweaked it to fit your needs.  Feedback is welcomed – leave comments and questions and I’ll see if I can come up with some answers! All of my textures are available for personal or commercial use – check licensing for textures of other artists featured here. They are NOT allowed to be resold or to be claimed as your own.  Just click through for the larger size file, right-click that one and save the texture to your own computer.  My sample uses of the texture are not available for any use.

Now – if you’ve gone wild with a texture and just LOVE it … a small donation showing that love sure would be appreciated (but is not mandatory).   Just go to PayPal.com and send your donation to DogBreedz (at) yahoo.com.

Happy Texturing!

Peggy at DogBreedz.net and the DogBreedz Blog

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