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Feb 6: 366-33 Wicked Game You Play

I keep going back to SmokoStock’s texture gallery – they are so beautiful, and the final results can be so varied.  Love that!  Here’s a hint for you – sign up for a free Deviant Art account and you will see Smoko’s FULL gallery, not just the teasers you saw yesterday.  I could play here all month!  For today, I used his “Wicked Game You Play” texture (I am not linking to it here, as it is one of the ones that you have to sign up to see, and I am respecting how he has it set up).

Yesterday was a photo shoot at Best In Show, a popular grooming shop in San Diego, California.  It was a fundraiser for the National Canine Cancer Foundation, through the Smile For A Cure program.  I am honored to be a participating photographer for this great cause.  Daphne the Chihuahua was one of our hostesses’ (her parents own the shop) and she was nice enough to pose for me while I double checked my exposures and light setups before the clients were due to show up.  She had such an inquisitive look on her face, almost like she was studying what I was doing so she could run the next fundraiser!  Here are my before/after looks at Daphne, using “Wicked Game You Play”  from SmokoStock.

Please do post links to projects where YOU have used a SmokoStock texture and tell us how you tweaked it to fit your needs.  Feedback is welcomed – leave comments and questions and I’ll see if I can come up with some answers! All of my textures are available for personal or commercial use – check licensing for textures of other artists featured here. They are NOT allowed to be resold or to be claimed as your own.  Just click through for the larger size file, right-click that one and save the texture to your own computer.  My sample uses of the texture are not available for any use.

Now – if you’ve gone wild with a texture and just LOVE it … a small donation showing that love sure would be appreciated (but is not mandatory).   Just go to PayPal.com and send your donation to DogBreedz (at) yahoo.com.

Happy Texturing!

Peggy at DogBreedz.net and the DogBreedz Blog

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