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366-02 Tree Trunk

I’m looking forward to seeing how YOU use these textures – I know I have a lot to learn still and I have a feeling that your work will inspire me to even greater heights!  Today’s texture is a tree trunk.  I’m not sure what variety of tree this is – but I loved the look of it.

366-02 Texture – TreeTrunk
Here is a very simple use of this texture.  A formal looking portrait of a Scottish Terrier (black on black) has a bit more of interest when the background is slightly “grunged up” with an overlay of Texture 366-02.
I hope you will post links to projects where YOU have used this texture.  Feedback is welcomed! All textures are available for personal or commercial use.  They are NOT allowed to be resold or to be claimed as your own.  If I set this up correctly, you should be able to click through for the larger size file, right-click that one and save the texture to your own computer.  My sample uses of the texture are not available for any use.
Now – if you’ve gone wild with a texture and just LOVE it … a small donation showing that love sure would be appreciated (but is not mandatory).   Just go to PayPal.com and send your donation to DogBreedz (at) yahoo.com.  Happy Texturing!
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