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Jan 18: 366-18 Rug

The kennel offered so many differing textures this day, I didn’t have to roam far to get a slew of new images for my library!  This rich blue rug was hanging after a fresh wash and caught my eye:  not just for the color (one of my favorites) but because of the great texture to the image.  I can almost feel the plush nubs just by looking at it.

Texture 366-18 Rug

Maybe it was the beautiful blue color, but my first instinct was to pull up my images from my recent outing to Imperial Beach, CA with one of my photo meetup groups (check out – it’s full of great interest-based communities!).  I chose a ho-hum original image to see what I could do if I spent a little time playing with it.  I duplicated the original layer and then stayed on the original layer to play with the levels settings to lighten up the child.  On the duplicate layer, I erased over the child to allow the lightened image to show through.  Then I layered (using the overlay option) today’s free texture of the blue rug, and erased it everywhere except over the waves, and lowered the opacity a bit.  Before the layer, the white of the waves and the lightened child just made the full photo too “blah” and monotone.  With the layer, I like how the final image looks much better – it helps guide the eyes to the girl frolicking on the beach.

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Happy Texturing!
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