Feb 14: 366-38 Combining Textures

Today’s textures are three more from Jerry at Shadowhouse Creations.  He has so many to choose from, it’s easy to go wild with his collections!  I chose to use Beneath the Surface #1, Beneath the Surface #2 and Bluetopia  (note:  If you’d rather use Matt’s textures, he offers a set of 37 for sale on his web site).  And then I followed along (mostly) with this super video tutorial from Matt Nicolosi who is generous enough to share some of his knowledge with others.  Sit back, watch, and likely learn a new trick or two, right along with me:

I learned so many things – big and little – thanks to Matt!  I hadn’t even noticed the check box for “Show Transform Controls” – and yet I had been wishing for a quicker way to get to Edit/Transform/Scale.  Bingo!  The Opacity Slider – I didn’t realize it would come right up just by clicking on the word “opacity” – nice shortcut!  And his neat trick for erasing/masking a texture without losing the color/saturation of the texture … loving it!

Here is what I did with the tools on hand today:  Opened my original of Salsa the Border Terrier.  She was strutting the cat-walk (dog-walk?) recently in her Valentine Bling – diamonds and pearls, anyone?  The original image of her had the color saturation lowered, to give just a hint of color to the final photo;  I was aiming for more of a nostalgic look.  Maybe she was channeling her great-great-aunt Ida for this portrait?  With today’s tools, I think I came much closer to my intended feel!  I first used Beneath the Surface #2 and used the layer style of Lighter Color, with opacity set (cool slider – whee!) at 64%.  I used the mask/painting with black version to bring Salsa back into the image without texture over her smiling dog face.  Here’s a masking tip for you:  I start by using the black with broader strokes, and paint over the edges.  Then I go back with the white paint and a smaller brush and use more control in bringing the mask TO the edges fro a more finished look.  I also be sure to use short strokes, releasing the mouse often.  This way if I have to go in for a do-over (undo), then my last step is just a little fix, instead of the whole enchilada.  My second texture applied was Beneath the Surface #1, but I rotated it 180 degrees first – since it is a variation on the first texture used, I wanted the images to be more different from one another.  This one I used as an Overlay style and only lowered to 82%.  Salsa the dog was brought back with my regular masking method.  The look is almost complete for me!  BUT … the pearls are too crisp and white and new looking, compared to the rest of the portrait.  So, on to my final layer – Bluetopia.  I masked it out of all the image except for over the pearls.  Then I made sure I clicked on the Bluetopia layer (and not the Bluetopia mask) and I used the new technique introduced by Matt to remove the texture but not the colors/saturation.  Everything is ALMOST perfect for me now!  I went back to BTS#1 and BTS#2 and added a 10Radius Gaussian Blur to both textures.  Then I went back to the Bluetopia layer mask, picked up my white paint brush (a nice large soft-edged brush, at 25% opacity) and added back some of that texture to the corners and edges of the image.  Whew – that sounds like a lot – but what a great image I ended up with!

Please do post links to projects where you have used this texture and tell us how you tweaked it to fit your needs.  Feedback is welcomed – leave comments and questions and I’ll see if I can come up with some answers! All of my textures are available for personal or commercial use – check licensing for textures of other artists featured here. They are NOT allowed to be resold or to be claimed as your own.  Just click through for the larger size file, right-click that one and save the texture to your own computer.  My sample uses of the texture are not available for any use.

Now – if you’ve gone wild with a texture and just LOVE it … a small donation showing that love sure would be appreciated (but is not mandatory).   Just go to PayPal.com and send your donation to DogBreedz (at) yahoo.com.

Happy Texturing!

Peggy at DogBreedz.net and the DogBreedz Blog

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